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At Groupe We Care, we work with some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the field of mobility and ramps. We guarantee the best products and services

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We strive every day to improve designs for better everyday adaptability. We also encourage our customers to give us their feedback and are more than willing to adapt to each individual’s specific needs.

The moving hand truck is a large wheeled cart or small car, it is a wheeled machine that carpenters use to carry pieces of wood. Another historical definition of the devil is also found, it is a train mounted on wheels that is used in ports to transport cannons and large pieces of timber. A moving hand truck is a very important tool on several levels, it allows bulky items to be lifted and easily moved from one side to the other, it is, as a rule, in the form of a roux cart (between 2 red and 6 red, it depends on its use. The devil’s wheels move depends on the activity for which it is intended, for example for a moving professional, a 2-wheel trolley is very suitable for its activity because the household items, although they are bulky, are not not very heavy whereas for stone cutters, the 4-wheeled hand truck are the most appropriate because their activities require it.

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