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We strive every day to improve designs for better everyday adaptability. We also encourage our customers to give us their feedback and are more than willing to adapt to each individual’s specific needs.

Three main categories of bike racks are available on the market today: on the roof, on the trailer hitch or on the trunk. The criteria to take into account when making your choice are the number of bikes to transport, the frequency of use and the model of your vehicle that will make your job easier.
A bicycle rack on the roof is preferred for aluminum bicycle models to limit impacts on the latter. If you have mountain bikes, all types of bike racks may be suitable. On the other hand, if you are transporting your bikes over long distances, it would be better to avoid the strap systems that attach to the trunk.

On the other hand, the model of your vehicle should be taken into account as well. So you need to know your vehicle’s towing capacity to choose the right type of bike rack.

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